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seeing someone you know but arent friends with in public is the worst thing ever

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when did midnight become the prime time to start all homework

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Help save a 16 year-old trans girl of color from being put in a mens adult prison with NO crimes charged on her by emailing Commissioner Katz.



She has never been convicted of a crime but they want to move her to near isolation in an adult mens prison. This CANNOT happen. Here is a more in depth article:

I put together an email for Commissioner Katz, so all you have to do is copy and paste it. Click here for the example email

Please reblog to raise awareness!

signal boost, please!

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She is not “my girl.”

She belongs to herself. And I am blessed, for with all her freedom, she still comes back to me, moment-to-moment, day-by-day, and night-by-night.

How much more blessed can I be?


Avraham Chaim, Thoughts after The Alchemist (via petitedino)

I must appreciate exactly like this

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"Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They’re the ones who deserve special places in your heart."
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I wish I could just wear my hair down and put some eyeliner and lip balm on and just be stunning, that would just be heaven

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question mark! exclamation point? comma.

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"I am awfully greedy; I want everything from life. I want to be a woman and to be a man, to have many friends and to have loneliness, to work much and write good books, to travel and enjoy myself, to be selfish and to be unselfish."

Simone de Beauvoir (via jinkiie)

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